My Photo Book Search Continues

During this Covid-19 sheltering in place time, I keep stumbling upon long forgotten classic skate photos. This one of Christian Hosoi caught my eye while slapping proof sheets and negatives down on my light table and skimming through the rows and rows. I have perused through tens of thousands of images and becomes quite dizzying. Every so often an image jumps out at me and I can't believe I didn't notice it before? Some skaters just exude Style and this floating backside ollie of Hosoi is no exception. I plucked this frame out of a sequence of Christian that I shot at the Del Mar Skate Ranch back in 1985 with my trusty Nikon F2 with motodrive. Grace under pressure. 




  • What a rad shot!! How exciting to stumble upon this absolute gem. 🤘🔥

    Nate Callens
  • An absolutely beautiful photo Grant. Like a flying fish diving into the water!

    Luca Schwitalla

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