"I have been shooting skateboarding from 1979 to the present and see no end in sight." – J. Grant Brittain


I started shooting photos at the Del Mar Skate Ranch in 1979 while I was working there as a worker bee and eventually as the pro shop manager. I had watched the top photographers of the 1970s come through the skatepark with various pro skaters in tow and admired their work in the magazines months after they shot the photos. After borrowing my roommate's camera in February of 1979, I was immediately hooked on shooting. I honed my photographic skills by shooting my friends flying out of the cement bowls over the next few years.

In 1983 I helped found Transworld Skateboarding Magazine, and many of the photos you see in my store were featured within the covers of TWS over my 20 years as Senior Photographer and Photo Editor. My photos were on 60+ covers over that time.

My skate photos have been featured in magazines, books, and photo shows around the world.

In 2003 I decided to leave TWS with friends and start The Skateboard Mag. It was a great run (2004-2016), but now I'm working on my own artistic, commercial, and personal projects: teaching, photo shows all over the world, releasing new photos from the archive, and even my book.

I wanted to share some of my iconic skateboarding photographic images with fans of skateboarding. I hope they can find my shop interesting and helpful and that they can own a little bit of skateboarding history.