Rodney Mullen Freestyle Silhouette Del Mar Skateboard Ranch

Rodney Mullen Freestyle Silhouette Del Mar Skateboard Ranch

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Rodney Mullen was and is one of the best skateboarders to have ever stepped on a skateboard. Flat freestyle skateboarding in the 1980s was popular but kind of made fun of by the skateboarders riding Vert, pools, and bowls. Little did they know that Rodney Mullen's technical flatland tricks, the ollie and kickflips, would change skateboarding in the near and far future and pioneer what modern street skating is today. I shot this photo at the Del Mar Skate Ranch during a contest. I usually don't shoot into the sun, but this was an exception and I think it made for a dramatic shot.

Paper sizes with image slightly smaller, 11x14, 16x20, 18x24, and 30x40" on luster paper (between glossy and matte).

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