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Tod Swank "The Push" Enlarged Proof Sheet

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This is a brand new print I am offering. It is an enlarged 18X24 of one of the two rolls of film I shot of Tod Swank back in 1987. It is NOT the original proof sheet done in the darkroom, we have reshot the film negatives on a light table for clarity and quality.

Here are all of the frames from a 36-frame roll of Tod Swank and his classic "The Push." I honed my skateboard photography skills in the 80s shooting my skateboarding friends and the guys I worked with in the skateboarding industry. I drove by this diagonal shadow in Del Mar under the freeway every day on my way from the Del Mar Skate Ranch to The Pannikin to get coffee and always wanted to integrate skateboarding into the light play somehow. I got Tod Swank, my friend and photo assistant at the time, to skate back and forth until I got what I wanted after shooting 2 rolls of Kodak Tri-X B&W film. This photo ended up as a Transworld Skateboarding Magazine cover and a lot of people have told me it's their favorite skate shot, neato. The print of the single frame is also available in my store. 

This listing is printed on 18X24" on Archival Lustre Paper. (Between glossy and matte). The print is made to order, signed by me in black Micron archival pen in the lower right (in the white border), and shipped in an apocalypse-proof cardboard tube.

Will ship within 7 - 10 days.

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