Chris Miller Frontside Ollie Upland Pipeline Skatepark

Chris Miller Frontside Ollie Upland Pipeline Skatepark

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I shot this skate photo of Chris Miller in the 1980s doing a stylish frontside ollie out of the fullpipe at the legendary Upland Pipeline skatepark with a Nikon FM2 and 16mm Nikkor fisheye lens. This was way before digital photography and Photoshop, so my exposure and lighting had to be right on the money. This photo was seen once in the mag.

Available at 12x16", 16x20", and 18x24" on luster paper. Luster is the finish style between glossy and matte.

The photo is made to order and signed by me in black Micron pen in the lower right and with the title of photo in the lower left in the white border and shipped in a thick as a brick cardboard tube.

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