Owen Nieder Handplant From Below At Del Mar Skate Ranch

Owen Nieder Handplant From Below At Del Mar Skate Ranch

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I shot most of my 80s skate photos of my friends (like Owen Nieder) and the hottest skateboarders of the day. Thousands of rolls of film ran through my Nikon and I honed my photo skills daily at the Del Mar Skate Ranch where I worked at the snack bar selling Cokes and Twinkies during the day and sleeping on the pool table at night. I was pretty much living the skate dream back then.
I shot a lot of photos of Owen Nieder doing handplants and this is my favorite, it's a different angle than the norm and I like how Owen is looking back at me. I think I shot this with a Pentax K1000 and a fisheye lens.

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