Platinum/Palladium Handmade Archival Prints of Train Interior 7.5X11"

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Platinum/Palladium Archival Handmade 7.5X11" Prints on Rag Paper. This series of 1-20 prints are handmade in the darkroom on a Rag paper from a digital negative from the original 2 and 1/4" film frame that I shot in Perris, CA with my Mamiya C3 TLR. Exposed onto Rag paper in the Sun and developed in the darkroom. Signed and numbered at the bottom of the print. 

I also have B&W RA Photographic Prints of same image available

Will ship within 5-7 days. Shipping cost appears in the cart before payment. If you choose more than one item, the extra shipping paid will be refunded at the time of shipment. Foreign buyers pay customs in their countries.

Buyers should handle the prints with care, especially when unpacking, and frames should have UV glass and be displayed out of direct sunlight, but these photos are of archival quality. Wait until prints are received to order frames in order to get the exact right size.

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Thanks and Enjoy The Ride!