Rodney Mullen 1985 Swedish Summer Camp Skateboard Photo

Rodney Mullen 1985 Swedish Summer Camp Skateboard Photo

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This is an image of professional skateboarder Rodney Mullen, one of the most talented skaters to ever step on a skateboard. Rodney Mullen brought the Ollie to street skating along with many of the flip tricks you see in skating today. This is a photo I shot in 1985 at the Eurocana Skate Camp in Hagernas, Sweden. I took the train and ferry from Amsterdam to Stockholm and met up with Hawk, Mountain, Welinder, and Rodney for a few days of skate camp. You don't see photos of Rodney skating ramps that much, but he is a ripper on many surfaces. Don't ask me why my shades are in the photo. See the sun burning through the film frame in the upper left? That's real, not Photoshopped. I shot this with my Nikon FM2, a 16mm fisheye, and Tri-X film.

12x16, 16x20, 18x24, and 30X40 luster paper (between glossy and matte). I choose luster over a glossy finish - it looks way better.

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