Tony Hawk Del Mar Skate Ranch Footplant Circa 1982 Photograph

Tony Hawk Del Mar Skate Ranch Footplant Circa 1982 Photograph

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This is a very early Tony Hawk image from 1982 or 1983 that I shot at the Del Mar Skate Ranch. I was using my first camera, a Minolta SRT201, and a 20mm lens, and I cropped it kinda sketchy—I was still learning. It's really a cool shot though—the Caballero deck and all the plastic accessories on it add to the vintage 80s look.

Printed on 11 x 14," 16 x 20," and 18 x 24" lustre paper. The image size is surrounded by a white border.

Made to order, signed by me in black Micron in the lower right (in the white border), and shipped in an apocalypse-proof cardboard tube.

Will ship within 7-10 days. Shipping cost appears in cart before payment. If you choose more than one item, extra shipping paid will be refunded at time of shipment. Foreign buyers pay customs in their countries.

Buyers should handle the prints with care, especially when unpacking, and frames should have UV glass and be displayed out of direct sunlight, but these photos are of archival quality. Wait until prints are received to order frames in order to get the exact right size.

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